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99% of Women In The World Are Beautiful: Find Out Why?

Posted By: TheCounselor™          In: Wisdom for Singles          753 Views         (Jul 18, 2017)

 99% of Women In The World Are Beautiful: Find Out Why?

Beauty they say is in the eyes of the beholder, but beyond that, we must understand the truth, which is not the same thing with fact. The fact may be the general norm, but the truth remains forever. Therefore, the claim that 99% of women in the world are beautiful is not a mere fact, but the truth.

I am aware that some of the readers of this article will agree with me, and I also know that some will disagree; but whether you are with me on my claim or you disagree, let us not do it on facts, but on the truth. What then is fact, and what then is the truth? The truth is simply what ought to be; while the fact is simply what is. It could be a fact that many marriages breakup before the first 5 years; but the truth is that, marriages remain till death do the couples apart.

In this article, I will not close my eyes to the fact or what many people call "reality"; however, I will not place it above the truth. Women are creatures of God, and if I may note, they are the creatures of beauty and perfection of God. From the book of Genesis 1-2, we understand that God created everything else except Adam and Eve, and He said, they were GOOD! When He went further in creation to create Adam (man), He said, "VERY GOOD". And then, He took part of Adam, and from that part, He FORMED Eve (woman), and at the end of the creation, Adam said, "This is NOW the bone of my bones, and the flesh of my flesh, she shall be called woman". While I know that Adam knew what he saw and carefully chose his words, I believe that his expression was a confirmation of the excellence of the work of God. Now see, if the first phase was GOOD, the second phase was VERY GOOD; then, the third phase must be EXCELLENT or BEAUTIFUL!

Aside that truth about women, I am of the opinion that the reason most men claim that some women are beautiful and some are not are matters that as to do with the height, stature (fat or slim), complexion, diction, education and in some cases, exposure of women. If you look carefully at those indicators, you will realize that they are more subjective than objective. Do you know that the people we refer to as short people in Nigeria are relatively tall in some countries? Do you know that the complexion of every woman is not accidental? Do you know that God is not an haphazard Painter, nor is He a thoughtless designer?


The truth is, every woman is designed and painted by God to suit every man. Remember, the woman was created by God as the SUITABLE helper to man; I therefore believe that the complexion, height, stature and even diction of every woman is made carefully by God to SUIT a man. Hence, a man's rejection of a woman's height, complexion or stature; is nothing but a MERE pointer to her UNSUITABILITY. The matter of suitability is not the same with compatibility. A man cannot successfully marry and stay married to a woman that is not suitable to him; but can marry and stay married to a woman that is not compatible with him.

The point is, God's idea is that of SUITABILITY; and a man will only consider a woman as suitable, only if she was originally built for him. The reality today is however alarming; guys just pick on any woman that fancies his eyes and begins to chase the lady until she reaches her own breaking point. Women are customized products of God for men; if you do not seek the will of God in marriage; you might get an oversized or undersized woman as wife.

As customized products of God, women are specifically designed and carefully crafted to meet the exact needs (passion, affection, taste or preference) of specific men. When this is omitted, what we see are complains and compromises. Men thinking that their wives are too short, too tall, too dark, too fair complexioned or too educated.

With proper environment and care, every woman can be clean, appealing, attractive and approachable for the right man. Women are made for men; hence, saying that some of them are not beautiful, is the same thing as saying that some men are equally not beautiful....But far be it that we say that a man - made in the image and likeness of God is not beautiful.

So, with proper polishing and care, your wife can become more appealing to you, if she is taken cared of daily, she will make you proud daily...Love your OWN wife while it is day...for the night comes, when you may not be strong enough to show it. I rest my case! About the remaining 1% of women in the world that are not beautiful, they are the once that the devil has affected and spoilt over the years as they grow up. May you or your daughter or sister never be among them. God bless you.

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99% of Women In The World Are Beautiful: Find Out Why?
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