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Leading Lady: Overcoming Life Battles

Posted By: TheCounselor™          In: Self Growth          579 Views         (Dec 25, 2017)

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 Leading Lady: Overcoming Life Battles

In life, there is a battle for your life, a battle for your leadership destiny and for your life as an individual. Also, there are two kingdoms, the kingdom of light and darkness and these kingdoms recruit on a daily basis. Choices are made daily from our influence from these kingdoms which brings about the nature of the battles for our lives. It is a battle of life and death and you have the power to make these choices. You have a choice as an individual to decide which you want to choose. The choice for life started when you were introduced on the earth.

The day you were born into this world, your battle for life and destiny started consciously or unconsciously. Many people were born with struggles and battles to fight for from childhood. Some were born with silver spoon but later to discover that life indeed demands that you understand the battle in it.

To achieve your leadership destiny and become all that God want, be conscious of the battle of life. Life does not celebrate victims but victors at the end of the day. People don’t want to know what you have gone through but your victories in it. People are not celebrated because of their mediocrity or for throwing in the towel. You don’t give up in the midst of your battles, it is important you finish well. Your life battle will take you to where you are going – your leadership destiny.

Don’t give in, even after going through all you have, people want to hear your story, how you persevere, how you fought and won. Whatever is to fight your leadership destiny, you must fight it also. Your eyes must be on the finishing line looking at the fact that you must finish well. Your life battle is so you can also counsel others. You won’t be celebrated if your story isn’t told. Don’t trade in your destiny for the things of the world. Your impact and influence is felt on things you are going through. Decide your fate, fight the good fight.

Make a decision, you must stand for something. Remember, if you don’t stand for something, you will fall for everything. Don’t be tired of fighting. Imagine you throw in the towel when you are almost at the end. Hold on till you get the prize. Great men and women don’t just emerge; they are tried in the furnace. Imagine the process of making gold, how it goes through the furnace. Your life is becoming a refined gold, you must stay in it until it comes out in its refine form celebrated.

Your life is becoming a story people want to associate with. Stay in the battle of your life, fight to finish, fight strong, fight to win, fight hard, and be determined. Stand with what you want to achieve until you get it. It’s all about achieving your leadership destiny. Remember, we have the kingdom of light and darkness daily recruiting. You either make one choice. You make a choice daily. Choose life, which is the best choice. Fight a good fight of faith that you may finish well. The kingdom of life is the place to be, stop those habits and chose the kingdom of life.

(This message is an excerpt from #LEADINGLADY)


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Leading Lady: Overcoming Life Battles
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Our vision is to help you find your life purpose, get and stay married to the will of God for the fulfillment of your destiny.

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