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Leading Lady: The Law Of Recognition

Posted By: TheCounselor™          In: Self Growth          27 Views         (Apr 11, 2018)

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 Leading Lady: The Law Of Recognition

To recognize means to know, to identify and to relate with. The law is so vital because you need it to fulfill your leadership role.

First thing is for you to be conscious of the seasons you are in life. You must be able to recognize your seasons if not you will not be able to maximize your season. In the natural seasons, we can identifythe rainy or dry season and so also, there are seasons in our lives, in our marriage, in the lives of our children and in parenting.

Also, the influence you have in your home, in your office, in your church gives you an idea that you have a leadership call in these places. It is not until you are called certain names before you know you have a leadership call e.g managing director, madam etc.

Therefore, you should be able to recognize your seasons and maximize it. For example, as a mother, there is a season your children give you attention and want to listen to you. That is the time you should speak into their lives and instruct them, knowing what to teach them at that time, because a season will come when they may not listen. Also, this applies to your

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usband too. Maximize your influence. Know the season to plant and the different types of seed to plant at that time. To maximize your seed, you must plant the right seed at the right time.

To maximize your seed:-

  • You must know the seed you have. It can be the seed of parenting, etiquette etc.
  • Recognize the timing for your seed. Note that because everyone is planting doesn’t mean you should plant because only when you plant your seed at the right time, you will get the right harvest.
  • Also, it is important to identify the kinds of people coming into your life. Is it for a reason or for a season? You should be able to know when to open up access to the people around your life. It will help your leadership destiny so that you don’t discard the people you are to put on board.

Recognize your season, recognize your seed and recognize the people around you.

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Leading Lady: The Law Of Recognition
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