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Leading Lady: Your Life Theme, Define & Build Around It

Posted By: TheCounselor™          In: Self Growth          263 Views         (Apr 11, 2018)

 Leading Lady: Your Life Theme, Define & Build Around It

Does your life have a theme? As a lady what do you represent? What is that burning desire of your heart? What does your life stand for? Looking at some women in the bible like Deborah, Esther and Mary.The theme of Deborah’s life is centered on discernment. Esther’s life theme centered on favor. The theme of Sarah’s life is centered on faith and hope. Ruth’s theme is centered on perseverance and determination. For you to be a leading lady in your generation today you must stand for something or you will fall for anything. You are not just a reproductory machinery. There is something your life stands for, there is something about your experience that when you put it all together, you will lead people through an experience.

Ruth went through a lot of challenges but she turned it around by persevering and being determined and her life was turned around for good. Esther was an orphan that was raised by her uncle. With favors she became queen of shushan and when a situation arose, Esther received favor. As a leading lady, you must not give up, you must not make excuses. Look deep down inside yourself; your life must have a theme. Your life must have an experience that can share with others, that is when you will become a leading lady. For you to be a leading lady you must be passionate about something; what makes your life stand out? What makes your life an example? You must also be in the right company; a company that encourages your theme.

I encourage you to find your life’s theme because all of us have a theme, is it your ability to share, care, encourage, help? It is unique to you. Avoid the rat race in the world today; let your life speak for something unique. Don’t give up on your dream, fan it to flame. There is a stage for you in the world.



If you were to sum up your life in one word, what would it be? Your life must speak for something. What is the commitment that you have? What do you commit your time to?  Your resources? You must be committed to your life’s theme, passion, devotion what you represent. The woman in proverbs 31 was committed to something. Her life shows virtue. The activities of her life showed commitment to her life goals, her family, her household etc. when you take account of your life so far, what will be the summary of your commitment, can you link it to your theme? Can you link it to your life’s dream? This will give an idea on what your life devotion is. If you say you stand for love, what do you do daily that shows that you stand for love? How do you express it? Your activities should be in line with your values; your life’s devotion. You may ask, what are these things I should be devoted to?

Firstly, you have to be devoted to God, your father. As a leading lady, your first devotion should be to God, your maker.

Secondly, you must be devoted to your marriage, to your spouse. Your husband must have his rightful place as the head of your marriage and the head of the home. You must commit your time and resources to make sure that your husband is known at the gates.

Thirdly, you must be committed to your household. As a leading lady you must have a large heart, you must be able to accommodate as a leading lady. So, commitment must be in order of priority. God, your husband and your household.

Next, you must be committed to your nation. That is, the people you have been called to bless.

Make a list of your devotions, make a ‘before’ list and a ‘now’ list. Craft what you want to be known for. It is never too late to start. Age is but a number, the best time to plant a tree is now. As a leading lady, you should be able to account for your 24hours. You can make a to-do list; you can make a year plan. Have your 24hours planned in line with your vision.



Remember that where you are today is a combination of the choices you have made and where you will be tomorrow will be a combination of the choices you make today. What you do and do not do is a product of your choice. There’s an adage that says silence is consent that means when you do not act, you are also acting when you don’t take an action, you are either for or against. What are your life choices and actions? They will determine who you will become tomorrow. What are the things you have decided to do? What steps are you taking to achieve it? What choices are you making? Anytime you make a move to do and not to do, you are making a choice. Your actions and your choices are the story that will be told about your life; your legacy.

A biblical character, Deborah made a choice and took her place as a judge. How are you taking your place? What actions are you taking today to take your place or to find your place? You have to be very critical about your actions. You have to ask yourself; this action I am taking, is it in line with my commitment; my life’s devotion? Does it contradict my personor does it stay in line? Our actions and choices are very important to our destiny. What is it about your life that you don’t like? What is the happenings and circumstances around you that you are not excited about? I want to challenge you to change your choices and your actions.

Do not make a choice outside God. In God, you cannot make a wrong choice. The first choice you can make is to make God your first choice. Your first priority and you will see every other thing falling in line. Even if you have made a wrong choice and have ended up in a wrong destination, you can still turn back; God is a God of a second chance. It is time to seek God and let him lead you, plant the tree of your destiny, water it, treasure it, make choices and actions that will make it grow, bloom and flourish. Make a choice for your life, destiny.

Write out your choices and actions in relations to your devotions and commitment, either to God, your spouse, your household, your nation. Always remember that where you are today is a product of your choices and actions.

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Leading Lady: Your Life Theme, Define & Build Around It
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