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Letter To Single Ladies

Posted By: TheCounselor™          In: Wisdom for Singles          1799 Views         (Jul 18, 2017)

 Letter To Single Ladies

I have come across a lot of single ladies that are hoping and trusting that one day they will become wives and mothers. It has been disheartening to see these ladies in this state despite their desire and age, which they believe is strong enough as a conviction to make it happen for them. Honestly, I have sought for answers and written some articles to help and answer some questions in the heart of singles. But this morning, while studying, the Holy Spirit graciously opened my eyes to see this truth on how to become and remain a wife.

Amazingly, it is a truth not just for singles but also married women, who desire and hope to continue to be wives. Remember this, the Bible did not teach us how to be mothers but how to be a wife. Which means to me that being a mother is easier and innate than being a wife.

In this amazing book of 1 Peter 3, in the first few verses, it is made clear that it is a difficult task for women to be submissive. Women have been wired strong and determined and they have been created to be a sought after creature. Everyone wants to see and seek after a lady or woman and this has caused pride and sometimes arrogance in many of us, which makes submission very daunting.

However, for you to become a wife and remain one, you have to be open to this all important act of SUBMISSION. Now let me clear the air, submission does not mean being stupid or foolish. Submission means giving up – you have to learn to give up your rights, opinion, likes and so on. Submission is not just in the heart but in action. You can not say you are in submission and not act it daily. Submission should be seen in the way you talk, act and relate, in every decision and choice you make. You have to make the choice of submission daily. Note this, you cannot pretend to be in submission, it will never work, you will be found out soon enough and it is not something that will drop on you. It has to be a deliberate effort from you to make it happen and you cannot genuinely do it on your own.

Submission is the conduct of wives and not women. That is why all women cannot be wives and remember it is not compulsory; but if you want to be one and a successful one at that, you have to walk daily on this path of submission. The path of submission is the path where successful women walk and live their lives.

Beauty is adorable and attractive but husbands are not looking for beautiful wives on the outside, straight legs, fine face, pointed nose and fair complexion. They are not looking for Brazilian hair, Indian hair or Chinese hair, nor are they looking for Dorothy Perkins, Michael Kors and Calvin Klein designer wears and accessories. What they are looking for is that inner beauty, the hidden beauty. Why do you think there is courtship before marriage? It is to discover the woman behind the physical appearance and makeover. It is to discover if there is any other beauty beyond what he can see on the first date. It is to see the values, principles and character of this woman that have gotten his attention. Whether the attention will be gotten for a lifetime or just a while. Men go for women as wives, those they believe will get their attention for a lifetime. Have you proven yourself to be that ONE?

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Letter To Single Ladies
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