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Meet The Help-Meet: SHE PRAYS

Posted By: TheCounselor™          In: Marriage Secrets          2184 Views         (Jul 28, 2017)

 Meet The Help-Meet: SHE PRAYS

Women have a special place in God’s heart and will. It is not a mistake that God put you there beside your husband to help him; and one ultimate way  is to stand in the gap in prayers for him; to cover him at all times; when he is strong and especially when he is weak. That is your place. When you ignore your responsibility; you leave your husband uncovered, exposed to the uncertainties of life. You leave your marriage to chance. Prayer goes a long way; not just for the present but as seeds sown for the future.

Esther is one example of the many women in the bible who took her place and selflessly stood in the gap in prayer (Esther 4: 15). And her prayers yielded good results.

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A prayerful woman is a powerful woman. Therefore, a prayerful helpmeet is a powerful helpmeet. She knows that the spiritual controls the physical. She is not afraid to go on her knees to intercede for her husband. She doesn’t try changing her husband or things by nagging, shouting, quarrelling, even the popular silent treatment. Instead, she knows that she cannot accomplish much by her own strength so she chooses to entrust her husband and all that concerns her into the hands of the All-knowing God. She doesn’t have undue expectations from her husband who probably might never be able to meet all her needs; rather, she knows it is only in God that all her expectations are met and God alone can help her husband meet her needs. Most of all, her husband should feel covered and at rest knowing that his wife prays for him at all times.

When everything seems rosy and her husband seems to be meeting her needs ----- She prays

When he falls short of being the man she envisions him to be-------------------- ---She prays

When she feels weighed down by problems in her home- ----------------------------She prays

When she feels like shouting it out about her husband’s inadequacies instead-------She prays

When its’ like she is losing her husband…………………………………………  She prays

When she feels like giving up on him…………………………………………… She prays

When the answer seems slow or nothing is changing at all----------------------She still prays

I heard this from a preacher that Prayer not only changes things, it changes the person that prays. I totally agree. When a woman makes prayer her top priority rather than a last resort when issues arise; she finds out that daily she is conformed to the image of God and especially to the kind of helpmeet God expects her to be and her husband will be proud of. As she spends time praying, communicating with God and staying in his presence; her mind is renewed daily, she allows God work in her, through her and in her marriage; she submits wholly to God’s authority and let him tell her what to do; old habits that might or is affecting her marriage will begin to shed off. She begins to see herself and husband in a new light. God’s ultimate plan for marriage is renewed in her mind. As the change begins within her; gradually all the unforgiveness, bitterness, irritations, selfishness, impatience, intolerance, negative mindsets  and wrong words begins to fade off and she submits more to her husband’s authority  and her husband begins to fall in love more with the renewed woman she is becoming. She begins to enjoy her marriage more.

Don’t worry if you think your marriage is far from being in order. Pray! Pray! And keep praying. And trust the process God is taking. It can only turn out well for you. God said: ‘Come unto me all ye that are labored and heavy laden and I will give you rest’. God knows you can’t do it on your own and he doesn’t want you to. God wants you to come at all times. He wants to partner with you in marriage and that will only happen if you pray and talk to him.

For the single ladies, this is a good time to start praying and sowing the right seeds into your husband’s life and marriage.

A three-fold cord cannot be broken….

Its’ God, your husband and you! So arise and take your place; on your knees; in prayers; for him!

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Meet The Help-Meet: SHE PRAYS
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