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The 7 “Is” Of Our Calling In Christ Jesus

Posted By: TheCounselor™          In: Religion & Spirituality          24 Views         (Apr 11, 2018)

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 The 7 “Is” Of Our Calling In Christ Jesus

The first is that God has called us as sons to be “INDISPENSABLE”. God has called you to be the salt of the earth. The bible says if the salt loses its flavor, the salt shall be trodden upon. Without salt, there can’t be any healing or preservation. We have been called to give flavor, healing and preservation. Our responsibility as the sons of God is not to loaf around but to make impact, to be relevant, to be indispensable. Theworld may hate you but they cannot do without you. Also, the bible proclaims us as the light of the earth. As the salt of the earth, we give flavor. As light, we overturn darkness.

The second calling is to be “INVALUABLE”. We are called to a place where we cannot be bought. You are called to be invaluable, purchased by Jesus’ life and blood. Therefore, there is no need to compromise, to be naked and ashamed.

Another ‘I’ of our calling is to be an “INSPIRATION”. We have been called to lift, to disciple nations. It is time to talk about the kingdom everywhere we go. We need to talk about Jesus. Inspire people with your story.

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quot;Times New Roman","serif"">We are also called to be “IMPORTANT”. You are achosen generation, a royal priesthood, a holy nation. You have been made a king and priest unto our God. You are not a nobody. You may not have attended the high class schools but you are very important. You are influential, a special breed.

We are called to be an “ICON”. You are not called to mediocrity. You are called to be excellent. You are a city set on a hill that cannot be hid.

We are also called to be an “INSTRUMENT”. Your user is God. You are called so thatGod can gain pleasure from your life. You are a product of God. As a son of God, you are God’s instrument to be used to convey a message on the earth. You don’t have aglory of yours. God should take the glory through you.

Lastly, we are called to be “INDIVISIBLE.” We are called to God’s image and likeness, to be one with God. No matter your doctrine or denomination. We are called to be indivisible with God, to one faith; one lord, Jesus Christ; one baptism which is the Holy Spirit. We are called to work together in unity under one umbrella, the name of

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The 7 “Is” Of Our Calling In Christ Jesus
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