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The Art of Making A Home

Posted By: TheCounselor™          In: Marriage Secrets          512 Views         (Feb 13, 2018)

 The Art of Making A Home

On this platform in the next couple of days, we are going to be dealing with this important subject matter titled: THE ART OF MAKING A HOME. Home in this context is that social unit formed by a family living together. So, don’t be tempted to think when you see the word home in this series to mean the physical arrangement of where you live, No! Professional interior decorators can get that done for you with your money. What we are concerned about here is the home – represented by the family unit – husband, wife and children.

It is a series that is going to bless you if you carefully follow through it. Making something is not as easy as tearing it apart. It can take several months or even years to put a structure in place, but destroying it can happen in some split seconds with the aid of a bomb or any other destructive mechanism. The same thing is applicable to a home that would work. I took time to check the dictionary meaning of what an ‘art’ means. Merriam-Webster gave a number of definitions but the one that particularly suit what we will be discussing here says “an occupation requiring knowledge or skill.”

One thing you must understand is that getting married is one thing, and making a home is another. You may have a successful marriage and record failure when it comes to making your home work. There are certain skills and knowledge that can bring about a successful home making and those are the things we will be bringing your way in this series. The truth is, you may have read or perhaps have a previous understandings about some of these important skills, but I bet they may be coming to you again in a more different light you may not have considered before.

Many people’s homes have not remained the same simply because of ignorance. Families have been torn apart on the most mundane matters. A lot of folks have preoccupied themselves in reading books that will improve their career but have not taking that time to read about what can make their home work. So, what you see is a successful husband or wife in their careers but they are failing at home. Most twenty-first century men and women would rather focus on how they can rise to the top management positions in their organizations than see their homes standing on the right footing.

No wonder the rate of divorce is on the increase in our society and across the world. And it would shock you to know that many couples choose to go on the divorce route simply because of many things we would be discussing with you in this series. When people are adequately knowledgeable about how to make their homes work, there would be less divorce in our societies. The Holy bible says lack of knowledge is what brings about human destruction. What the devil tries to do with many homes is that he takes away the right knowledge from either the man or the woman and gives them counterfeit knowledge. We will deal with this particular matter ‘perverse knowledge about marriage’ in one of the series.

A lot of people based their homes upon some of this perversed knowledge which eventually hurt their homes. It is not just about getting knowledge about something but rather, getting the right knowledge. So, fasten your seatbelt as The Counselor Team takes you through this journey of The Art of Making A Home. Watch out this space regularly so that you will not miss out on this awesome journey. Your home is about to be changed for the better.

Stay Blessed!

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The Art of Making A Home
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