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The Art of Making A Home: The Perverse Knowledge About Marriage (Part 1)

Posted By: TheCounselor™          In: Marriage Secrets          545 Views         (Feb 19, 2018)

 The Art of Making A Home: The Perverse Knowledge About Marriage (Part 1)

To make something first and foremost require that one possesses the requisite knowledge about such a thing. If you want to build a house for instance, it is required that you have the technical knowhow about building – structure of the foundation (whether it would be a strip or pile foundation) depending on the load you want to put on such foundation, how the structure would look like (whether to use a hollow block wall or columns), the finishes (the roof and the kind of interior decorations you want in the house). This example is just to buttress the fact that you require knowledge to make certain things.

Most homes today have been founded upon faulty or perverse knowledge about marriage. And this is where the problem usually begins from. You have a husband or a wife who happens to know too much, but mostly wrong set of knowledge and many people go into marriage with them. At the end of the day, issues begin to arise in the home. Certain events and culture especially in Africa have shaped the way we view marriage. These events and cultural behavior most times, are toxic to what hitherto should have been great marriages and homes. Until these cultural behaviors are consciously removed from our thinking, making a good home may be somewhat difficult.

There are certain men for instance, based on their cultural inclinations and knowledge they claim to have possessed that believes that women are only object of sex. I remember so many years ago the story of a man who fights with his wife almost every night. This man’s constant quarrel with his wife became an embarrassment within the neighborhood. One of those days, the neighbors gathered to settle their quarrel this particular night, and the issue was about sex! The wife in the question was not comfortable about the fact that her husband demands for sex every now and then. The man believes that he has the right to have sexual intercourse with his wife at any time he demands for it simply because he married her for that purpose.

You see where the problem lies now isn’t it? And this problem constantly torments their home and marriage. The man’s knowledge about women being object of sex informed his behavior immediately he got married. He never saw anything good in his wife except an object that could meet his sexual desires. Because the wife possesses a different understanding about sex, troubles began to brew in their home. But marriage is not about sex alone, men needs to understand this! It is true that sex was made for the marriage, but the whole institution of marriage was not made for sex.

Marriage from the beginning was good until the devil appeared in the scene. When God joined Adam and Eve together in the garden, he gave them a set of knowledge which would guide the entire conduct of their living. But Satan appeared from nowhere and then corrupted the original knowledge that God exposed man to. They ate of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil and so, man was exposed to evil. It is from this knowledge of evil that man became aware of sexual perversion and the view of women as a mere sex object.

What you should glean from the above example is that making a successful home will not work when you as a man still harbor some of these kinds of mentality. The devil knows that once he can attack your home, he can have access to so many other things – like attacking your children and your emotions, and by so doing, he can take a complete hold of you if you don’t quickly seek for a way out. The devil also knows that if he can successfully attack homes, he can get a hold of the whole society as well because, families makes up the society. This is why when homes are solid; the nation will be solid as well.

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The Art of Making A Home: The Perverse Knowledge About Marriage (Part 1)
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The Art of Making A Home: The Perverse Knowledge About Marriage (Part 1)

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