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The Help-Meet Series: She Is A Home-Maker

Posted By: TheCounselor™          In: Marriage Secrets          2137 Views         (Aug 03, 2017)

 The Help-Meet Series: She Is A Home-Maker


Prov. 14: 1- A wise woman builds her home but the foolish woman tears it down with her own hands.

This clearly teaches us that a woman plays a very important role in building or destroying her home. A good helpmeet is a home builder. She will do all that is possible to make sure her home flourishes. Asides, covering her home in prayer, she will also put in the necessary work, effort and sacrifice needed to keep her home in order. Making sure it is a pleasant place for her husband and children to always be in.

Home making involves so many things which without the help of God can be tiring and overwhelming most times.  A helpmeet should know how to put her house in order. Home making is a God-given tasks to women as their primary place of influence and authority. Prov. 31:27 says that she carefully watches everything in her household and suffers nothing from laziness. She watches over all that concerns her home. She wants to make things work and she puts effort into it. She doesn’t lazy about. She is aware of all that’s going on in her home, spiritually and physically.

Prov. 12:4- A worthy wife is a crown for her husband but a disgraceful woman is like cancer in his bones.

A good home maker is a worthy wife and she brings joy to her husband. He can never be ashamed among other people because he is confident of his partner. He can sing her praises confidently in public because she is a worthy wife, helpmeet and home maker. A helpmeet should know how to organize, manage and keep her house in order, neat and welcoming for her husband to always want to return home to; do her work well in the kitchen also by preparing good and delicious meals and on time too, While also working on always setting the right mood and environment of peace and serenity; eliminating a tensed atmosphere as much as possible. In so doing, she gives a chance for her marriage and especially her husband to flourish. That is definitely a crown to a man’s head because he doesn’t have to worry so much about the home making details or feel frustrated or burdened by a partner who doesn’t know her place or duty or who is making no effort in joining in the building process. He is rest assured of her capabilities to support him as a capable home builder.

The power to build or destroy a home is in the hands of a woman. Let your husband and children always look forward to coming home. Be a joyful woman who feels her home with goodness.


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The Help-Meet Series: She Is A Home-Maker
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The Help-Meet Series: She Is A Home-Maker

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